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Refuge in the market amidst tensions

As tensions heighten, gold and oil follow suite. The precious metal surged more than 2% hitting a seven-year high overnight, breaking the $1600 level for the first time since 2013 as investors increasingly floc...


Italy to remain atop?

Contrary to perceptions, European equities were seen to be buoyant in 2019 as witnessed by the 20% gains in the MSCI Europe ex UK index in sterling terms. The European economy is now in its seventh consecutive ...

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Slow and steady: Housing

The housing market finds itself cushioned by low borrowing costs, improved growth in income, and steady job creation. This stable trend in residential real estate may set the tone for a stronger selling season ...

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An overview of Corporate Income Tax Rates

Over the past 39 years, corporate tax rates have been declining on a global basis with the average worldwide statutory tax rate falling from 40.38% in 1980 to 24.18% today. This signifies an approximate 40% red...

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Algeria needs to detour away from the highway to hell

Algeria is fast approaching an eminent economic crisis considering the rapid pace at which it is burning through its foreign exchange reserves. With a vastly swollen budget deficit, this countering tactic canno...

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Dips in oil production

Oil closed near its highest since September as investors moved their focus towards the on-going US- China trade war ahead of the looming tariff deadline. While futures in New York rose by 7.3% last week, they d...

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Spotlight on Netflix

Overview Netflix is a product of the corporate entity, Netflix Inc. It is an online streaming video on demand services providing company that has surpassed 130 million subscribers across 190 countries. The serv...

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20/20 vision for UAE 2020

UAE has become a symbol of economic prosperity over the past years. Yesterday, as it celebrated its 48th National Day, we’ve decided to take a closer look at its economic situation. The economy is expected to e...

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Is it gold’s time to shine?

Gold stands resilient against volatility this week. It has managed to hold onto its mid-$1400 support level despite the abundance of risk-on sentiment and record high equities. However, there remains a risk of ...

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A game of mixed sentiment & opportunities in chart

Flatrock Associates is pleased to share it’s most recent publication, “A game of mixed sentiment & opportunities in charts” with you. We hope that you will fi...