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Strolling into 2020 in charts

FlatRock Associates is pleased to share it’s a most recent publication, “Strolling into 2020 in charts” with you. We hope that you will find it useful and thought-prov...

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Coalition to collide with the economy.

The Spanish government witnessed its first coalition government in four decades since the return of democracy. A minority coalition between PM Pedro Sanchez’s center left socialist party and the leftists populi...

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Is Germany influenced by France?

With Angela Merkel to step down as Chancellor in 2021, the German economy doesn’t seem to find comfort in the forecasts for 2020. A general consensus amongst the business and industrial community points towards...

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Moroccan economic outlook

There has been a shortage in production during the 2019 harvest season in Morocco. Irregular rainfall could lead to an unfavourable harvesting season in the second half of May. Wheat growth was affected and the...

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Morrison win shocks economy

Australia’s central bank may ease monetary policy next month to drive faster hiring so that unemployment falls below 5 percent to help return inflation to target at 2 percent. Households have decreased spending...

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India braces as Modi throttles towards a victory

India’s economic growth slowed to a six-quarter low of 6.6% in the three months ended December. The government has been working on streamlining labour regulations. Minimum wages also have the potential to be st...

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Venezuelan drag dampers growth in the continent

Brazil’s economy shrank in the first quarter by 0.68 percent with 0.28 percent decline in March, the third straight decline against an expectation of 0.20 percent fall. This would be the first quarterly fall si...

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Only some are winners in Africa

Nigeria cut its policy rate to 13.5 percent for the first time in March since 2015 to boost economic growth. This move was odd since its inflation rate is above at 11.4 percent, well above its upper limit targe...

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US may be winning the trade battle but it may lose the war

The US-China trade war that began last year has had a deep impact on the global economy and the end is not in sight. It has made financial markets extremely volatile with announcements of increasing tariffs fro...

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European underdogs rise to the occasion

Euro-area GDP growth topped expectations at 0.4 percent in the first quarter, along with region’s biggest economy Germany’s GDP growth rate coming at 0.4 percent matching forecasts. This growth came despite wea...