The importance of modern communication tools during the pandemic

OverviewHumans have witnessed more technological advancements within the last two decades than in the past thousand years. In today’s hyper focused world where information is readily available and accessible at...

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Are markets more immune than humans?

Rising geopolitical tensions, surging unemployment, crumbling growth, and widespread social unrest are doing little to rattle equity markets in the US. Investors all over the world have generally been on edge s...

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Opting for currency stability

We at FlatRock just love debating global currency moves and what nations around the world do to safeguard financial stability. Over the past week tensions between the US and China are exerting a strain on the C...

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Investment in Sustainable Development: Water Sanitation & Hygiene

FlatRock Associates is pleased to share it’s most recent publication, “Investment in Sustainable Development: Water, Sanitation & Hygiene” with you. We hope t...

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Stuck in the Middle: China

Various economists and political scientists have set out to define the Middle-Income Trap in concrete terms; however, they have failed to reach consensus on what the Middle-Income Trap (MIT) is. Being a th...


England’s New Number 10: Boris Johnson puts Sterling at Risk

Boris Johnson has finally been announced as the new 10 for Great Britain after being elected leader of the conservative party today at 10:45am GMT. While the formal takeover is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday...

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Japan’s Energy Sector: Right Place, Wrong Time?

When one considers Japan and its industries, stability is the word that first comes to mind. As the world’s third leading economy, Japan’s globalized outlook has the second highest spending on R&D, being th...