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Coalition to collide with the economy.

The Spanish government witnessed its first coalition government in four decades since the return of democracy. A minority coalition between PM Pedro Sanchez’s center left socialist party and the leftists populi...

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Who cares about your star sign, let’s talk about the S&P

As we enter 2020 after Christmas holidays, it will be interesting to see how the market gets welcomed. Markets has been able to maintain a bullish sentiment without any massive down move in between. Taking cues...

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An overview of Corporate Income Tax Rates

Over the past 39 years, corporate tax rates have been declining on a global basis with the average worldwide statutory tax rate falling from 40.38% in 1980 to 24.18% today. This signifies an approximate 40% red...

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Dips in oil production

Oil closed near its highest since September as investors moved their focus towards the on-going US- China trade war ahead of the looming tariff deadline. While futures in New York rose by 7.3% last week, they d...

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20/20 vision for UAE 2020

UAE has become a symbol of economic prosperity over the past years. Yesterday, as it celebrated its 48th National Day, we’ve decided to take a closer look at its economic situation. The economy is expected to e...

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Engulfed in the Gulf

Crude oil is arguably one of the most important commodities in terms of being a driving force of the global economy. Movements in oil prices sprout significant impacts on economic growth and welfare around the ...

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China: The debt problem

Growing debt has long established itself as a problem for Beijing. This holds the potential to push the economy towards a major financial crisis. With tightening US dollar liquidity, depreciating yuan, and the ...

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UK property market attends class

The UK housing market finds itself at its weakest point since the recession that hit the global economy a decade ago. This can strongly be attributed to the uncertainty that has come over as a by-product of Bre...

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Steel: Strengthening China

China’s economic maturity has often been attributed to its slow opening up to the world. This has impacted China and has revolutionized it to become a major player in the global arena. It has managed to outperf...

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Does the world stand together in easing

Is averting a recession really as desirable it sounds? Let’s face it, recessions are unavoidable, the longer you wait, the worse it’ll get. That, however, doesn’t mean you welcome a recession with open arms wit...