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It is time to take the bull by the horns

The bull market in US equities has confused investors, traders, and analysts. Several people have voiced their concern over the absurd rise in market levels. Ostensibly the technology and healthcare sectors are...

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It’s time to talk about Hong Kong

Last week details of the new national security law for Hong Kong were released and as expected it ruffled some feathers pretty much everywhere. A cursory reading suggests that it is a fusion of mainland China’s...

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Are markets more immune than humans?

Rising geopolitical tensions, surging unemployment, crumbling growth, and widespread social unrest are doing little to rattle equity markets in the US. Investors all over the world have generally been on edge s...

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Opting for currency stability

We at FlatRock just love debating global currency moves and what nations around the world do to safeguard financial stability. Over the past week tensions between the US and China are exerting a strain on the C...

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Seriously though, what is up with the Hong Kong Dollar?

The Hong Kong economy is going through a recession and equity markets have considerably underperformed. Last year when socio-political instability was at its peak, betting against the Hong Kong dollar seemed li...

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Refuge in the market amidst tensions

As tensions heighten, gold and oil follow suite. The precious metal surged more than 2% hitting a seven-year high overnight, breaking the $1600 level for the first time since 2013 as investors increasingly floc...

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Slow and steady: Housing

The housing market finds itself cushioned by low borrowing costs, improved growth in income, and steady job creation. This stable trend in residential real estate may set the tone for a stronger selling season ...

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Is Germany influenced by France?

With Angela Merkel to step down as Chancellor in 2021, the German economy doesn’t seem to find comfort in the forecasts for 2020. A general consensus amongst the business and industrial community points towards...

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Algeria needs to detour away from the highway to hell

Algeria is fast approaching an eminent economic crisis considering the rapid pace at which it is burning through its foreign exchange reserves. With a vastly swollen budget deficit, this countering tactic canno...

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Higher real yields are making the Philippine peso more attractive

The higher real yield has made the Philippine peso one of Asia’s best-performing currencies this year. The central bank has cut interest rates three times this year to support economic activity in the country, ...